Race Pack Collection

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Receiving time  

10:00-20:00, March 21st, 2019

09:00-20:00, March 22nd, 2019

09:00-21:00, March 23rd, 2019

The articles for the competition cannot be received on the early morning of the day of competition. The players must receive the articles at the designated place within the specified time)

Place of receiving: Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center

Receiving steps  


Vouchers for receipt of articles  

1. The contestants from mainland China must bring along with them the originals of the resident ID cards (II-generation) within their valid period;

2. Contestants from Hong Kong (China) and Macao (China) shall bring with them the originals of the permits for residents of Hong Kong and Macao to travel to and from the mainland;

3. Contestants from Taiwan (China) must bring along with them the originals of the permits for Taiwan residents to travel to and from the mainland

4. Contestants who are not of Chinese nationality must bring along with them the originals of their passports;

* With regard to those who do not have the above-mentioned certificates will be prohibited from receiving articles of race participation.

List of articles  

image/4a78d96949bb6577adc594eba33424e5.pngNotes to the important articles  

As important vouchers for the contestants to participate in the race and receive the souvenirs of race completion, wristbands must be put by the site staff on the contestants on the site of receipt of articles. The contestants shall not take off, damage or transfer the wristbands on their own; otherwise the Organization Committee shall have the right to deny the contestants’ access to the “starting area”, and shall have the right to refuse to issue souvenirs of race completion to the contestants whose wristbands bear any obvious damage sign.

Warm tips  

1.The entry must be collected by the player himself, and no items will be accepted. The face will be verified by face recognition technology. Please ask the player to bring the original ID of the valid ID card before the person receives the object. The organizing committee of the player who has inconsistent person and certificate will refuse to issue the entry for him.

2.With regard to minors (less than 18 years old) who sign up for the race, the participants and their custodians or legal representatives must be at present and the Disclaimers for the Race must be signed by their custodians or legal representatives on the site before the contestants can receive the articles of race participation and participate in the race. With regard to minors aged less than 16 who sign up for the Mini-marathon race, their custodians or legal representatives must sign up for the same event and accompany the contestants all the time; otherwise, the contestants cannot receive articles of race participation or pass the roll-call to participate in the race.)

3.As for those applicants who cannot participate in the race for some reason, please pay attention to the Public Notice on the official website after the race. You can apply for the mailing service of the articles of race participation other than the number cloth, chip and wristband via the official website of the race, and shall pay for the mailing on their own.

4.The uniforms of any size are issued according to the actual situation and the request sequence to meet the demand as far as possible, while receiving the most appropriate size is not guaranteed.

The uniform can be replaced due to the size before the original packaging is opened, otherwise, the request for replacement will be rejected. 


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