Pick-up Instructions

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14:00-20:00, October 17, 2018

9:00-20:00, October 18, 2018

9:00-21:00, October 19, 2018

(No on-site pick-up is available on the morning of the race day. Please arrange your schedule reasonably in advance)


Yudao Square, Daminggong National Heritage Park, Xi'an

Items to be claimed:



Marathon & Half-marathon

Mini marathon


Number bib

A large one, a small one

A large one


Chip (stuck on the back of number bib)

2 chips



Race wristband

1 wristband

1 wristband


Pick-up ticket

1 ticket

1 ticket


Official manual

1 manual

1 manual


Clothing-saving bag

1 bag

1 bag


Race suit

1 suit

1 suit


Left-hand glove

1 glove

1 glove


Name plate

1 plate

1 plate

**Tips for important items:

Race wristband is an important proof for the racer to participate in the race and get souvenirs. The event staff will wear the wristband on the spot for the racer when distributing such items. The racer shall not remove, damage or transfer the wristband. Otherwise, the Organizing Committee has rights to refuse the racer in question to enter the starting area and to hand souvenirs to the racer whose wristband is damaged.

Pick-up certificate:

1. The mainland Chinese racers shall hold original ID card;

2. Hong Kong, Macao racers shall hold original Entry Permit for traveling to the mainland;

3. Taiwan racers shall hold original Entry Permit for traveling to the mainland;

4. The non-Chinese racers shall hold the original passport.

Those who fail to present original certificate above will have no access to obtaining race items.

Pick-up process:

Race pick-up

ID card (A-H channel)

The racers with passport, Hong Kong's and Macao's  Entry Permit for traveling to the mainland, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents and without ID card (J channel)

Face recognition

Identity verification at the manual channel

Get a ticket labeled with number of the pick-up window

Claim number bib at the corresponding window

Staff wear the race wristbands for the racers on site

Get a ticket for pick-up

Confirm the entry information through the chip detection channel (No inspection for Mini marathon)

Claim the race bag

Claim the race clothing

Pick-up ends

Warm Tips

1. The race items shall be claimed by the racers themselves through verification by face recognition technology on the site. All racers shall present their original ID card before pick-up and the Organizing Committee will refuse to provide the items to such racers as whose certificate is not their own;

2. Juveniles under 18 (born after December 31, 2000) who sign up for the event shall sign the disclaimer in the presence of their guardians or legal agents on the spot before claiming the competition items.

3. If the racer fails to claim race items on site, he/she can apply for the post service of the materials other than the number bib, chip and race wristband through the race website after the race. The post fee incurred shall be paid by the racer himself/herself;

4. Clothing will be handed out according to on-site pick-up and application sequence based on the principle of "first come, first served" to meet players' needs as much as possible. It cannot be guaranteed that each player can obtain desired size.

5. Players who want to change the clothing for other size shall keep the original package unopened, otherwise, no change service is provided.


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