Rules and Regulations

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. Sponsors

Chinese Athletic Association, the Sports Bureau of Zhejiang Province, the People’s Government of Yiwu City

. Organizers

Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and TV and Press of Yiwu City (the Sport Bureau)

Transportation Investment Construction (Group) Co., Ltd. of Yiwu City, Huipao Events

. Instructor

Center for the Management of Sport Competitions of Zhejiang Province

. Co-organizers

Yiwu Choushang Sport Development Co., Ltd.; Long-distance Run Association of Yiwu City

. Date and venue of competition

November 18, 2018, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

. Competition events

Half Marathon (21.0975 km)

Mini Marathon (8km)

Family Marathon (2 km)

. Competition groups

Men’s Half Marathon Group; Women’s Half Marathon Group;

Mini Marathon Group; Family Marathon Group

Start time 

8:00, November 18, 2018

. Location of start and finish 

(Ⅰ) Starting point: Meihu Sport Center of Yiwu City

(Ⅱ) Ending point:  Meihu Sport Center of Yiwu City (Half Marathon)

The Archive Center Square of Yiwu City (Mini    Marathon)

Jiangbin Park of Yiwu City (Family Marathon)   

. The way of competition

(Ⅰ) The updated competition rules for track and field examined and approved by Chinese Athletic Association and the regulations on this Half Marathon shall prevail.

(Ⅱ) The way of starting: divided start areas. Participants shall gather in designated zones with their best performance on China Marathon Information Platform as the zoning basis. Non-racing wheelchair participants must arrive in the designated standing location zones at the end of the group before the competition begins.

(Ⅲ) Starting: Participants shall start to run at the same time when the starting gun sounds.

(Ⅳ) Competition timing:

1. This competition uses the way of induction timing for Half Marathon. Induction timing chips will begin to count the time (net timing) when the participants pass the starting point. No timing is required for Mini Marathon.

2. Timing carpets shall be set up at the starting point, every-5-km points, turning points and ending point. In the course of running-in, participants must pass all timing carpets. If a participant completes the competition within the cut-off time but lacks the score of any timing point, he/she shall not be considered for ranking.

3. Timing chips will be issued at the same time with the number cloth and other competition articles on the site where the competition articles are received. Disposable timing chips will be used during this competition. No chip deposit will be collected. The chips will not be recovered after the competition.

(Ⅴ) Cut-off distance and time:

For the competition safety of participants, social traffic will be closed progressively within time limit. The competition cut-off time is exclusively set for each section of the competition route. At the cut-off time, the timing carpet of the corresponding kilometer point will stop working, and the social traffic of the corresponding section will be restored. Participants who fail to finish the corresponding distance within the specified cut-off time must immediately stop their competition and retreat from the racing track, in case of any danger. Participants withdrawing from the competition can arrive at the ending point by taking the absorbing carts along the way or taking public vehicles.    

The cut-off time is calculated according to the natural time. See the following table for details:



Cut-off time

Family marathon



Mini Marathon






Half Marathon


5 km


10 km


15 km


20 km


21.0975 km


(Ⅵ) Drop bag service

Participants shall deposit their clothing according to number sections in the designated zones at the starting point, and shall recover their respective clothing in the corresponding number section zones after arriving at the end point. The Organization Committee suggests that the participants should not deposit valuables in their bags (e.g. mobile phone, effective certificate, cash, keys, credit card, iPad) . In case of any damage or loss, the participants shall bear all consequences.

On the day of competition, at the starting point, the Organization Committee will stop service at 7:45 for participants to deposit their clothing. Participants are required to properly schedule their clothing deposit. Participants shall go to the designated zones at the ending point to receive their personal deposited articles before 12:00 on the day of competition. If they fail to do so in time, they can receive their articles at the Organization Committee of the competition within 5 days after the competition (If mailing is needed, the participants shall bear the expense independently). If they fail to receive their articles by that time, the Organization Committee will treat the articles as unclaimed.  

(Ⅶ) Medical rescue:

1. The Organization Committee shall set up fixed medical stations at the starting point, along the racing track and at the ending point;

2. The Organization Committee shall set up mobile AED first-aid service along the racing track;

3. The Organization Committee shall set up first aid volunteers along the    racing track, assisting medical rescue and maintaining the competition order. Participants can ask them for help at any time. During the competition, if a participant loses his/her consciousness, then he/she shall automatically entrust the first aid volunteers to take all measures for first aid, including but not limited to CPR, AED, and rental of vehicle or aircraft for rapid transfer. The participants shall bear all legal responsibility and accompanying fee, and shall not trace any legal or economic liability of the relevant first aid volunteers.

(Ⅷ) The check of doping will be conducted for participants of this   competition according to the relevant regulations of International Association of Athletics Federations and Chinese Athletic Association.

(Ⅸ) For other detailed requirements and arrangements about the competition, please consult the Official Handbook of the competition.

. Way of participation

(Ⅰ) Age requirements for participants:

Applicants for Half Marathon must be at least 16 full years old (born in 2002);

Applicants for Mini Marathon must be at least 14 full years old (born in 2004);

Applicants for Family Marathon must be at least 5 full years old (born in 2013);

(Ⅱ) Requirement for the physical status of participants

Marathon is a high-load, high-intensity and long-distance competitive sport, and is also a high-risk competitive sport, with a high requirement for the physical status of participants. Participants shall be physically healthy and shall have the foundation of long-term participation in running exercise. Those with the following physical status shall not apply for the competition:

1. Congenital heart diseases and rheumatic heart diseases;

2. Hypertension and cerebral vascular diseases;

3. Myocarditis and other heart diseases;

4. Coronary artery disease and severe arrhythmia;

5. Diabetes with hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia;

6.Having caught a cold within two weeks before the date of competition;  

7. Pregnancy;

8. Other diseases unsuitable for sports;

(Ⅲ) Way of application

1. Half Marathon, Mini Marathon and Family Marathon are limited to 5,000, 6,000 and 4,000 applicants respectively. The participation qualifications shall be allocated according to the payment sequence of applicants. If the number of applicants for Half Marathon exceeds the quota of application, the participation qualifications and queuing candidates shall be allocated in a standby way according to the actual payment time of applicants. The application for Mini Marathon and Family Marathon shall be stopped immediately after the actual number of applicants reaches the quota. If any successful applicant cannot participate in the competition for his/her personal reason, he/she can apply for withdrawing his/her application, and shall be replaced by the candidate who ranks ahead in the list of candidates.

2. Applicants for this competition can, within a prescribed period, log onto the official website of the competition and fill in relevant information and pay the required fee. The open time for the application for this competition is: 10:00, August 8, 2018;

3. The Organization Committee will, before the competition, notify successful applicants to log onto the official website of the competition and inquire about the participation number;

4. The receipt of the articles for the competition:

Successful applicants must, holding their personal effective ID certificates (originals), go to Meihu Sports Center of Yiwu City to receive the articles on the site on November 15 (13:00-20:00), November 16 (9:00-20:00) and November 17 (9:00-21:00). The articles for the competition cannot be received on the early morning of the day of competition. Therefore, successful applicants are required to reasonably schedule their receipt of articles. Successful applicants who cannot participate in the competition for some reason can write a letter to the mailbox of the customer service within 7 workdays after the competition, so that the latter can arrange for mailing, with the logistics fee to be borne by the successful applicants themselves.  When issuing the articles, the functionaries on the site will put on the wristbands for the participants. Participants shall not take down the wristbands on their own before the end of the competition. Substitute running is forbidden during the competition.

(Ⅳ) Fee of application

Half Marathon RMB 120/person or USD 18/person;

Mini Marathon RMB 60/person or USD 9/person;

Family Marathon RMB 50/person or USD 8/person;   

Note: Family Marathon children and adults all need to sign up.

(Ⅴ) Standby and withdrawal from application

The mechanism of standby and withdrawal has been set up for this competition(only half marathon). If a successful applicant cannot participate in the competition for his/her personal reason, he/she can choose to withdraw. Those who withdraw on or before October 10 can have a refund of 80% of the application fee, and those who withdraw from October 11 to November 1 (inclusive) can have a refund of 50% of the application fee. The application fee shall be refunded to the actual deduction account via which the applicant has paid his/her application fee within one week after the withdrawal application is submitted. No withdrawal can be made after November 1. If a successful applicant withdraws, then the candidate who ranks ahead in the list of candidates shall replace him/her. After the successful applicant withdraws from application, the Organization Committee of this competition will no longer accept his/her application request.

. Awards

(Ⅰ)Ranking awards for Half Marathon

Top 10 male and female athletes(net time) will be awarded (RMB, Unit :Yuan):




Prize amount


Prize amount









































(Ⅱ) Awards for Chinese participants 















 If Chinese participants are awarded the ranking prize and special prize for Chinese participants at the same time, the prize shall be awarded according to the higher standard, and shall not be awarded repeatedly.

(Ⅲ) Personal income tax of 20% will be levied on all of the above awards and prizes. The prizes will be awarded to the prize winners within 30 workdays after the competition (The prizes will be awarded after the result of doping check is released for those who receive the doping check).  

(Ⅳ)  If the doping check result shows that a participant has taken any dope then his/her ranking will be cancelled, and the ranks behind his/her shall not increase accordingly.

(V) Trophies and medals shall be awarded on the site to the participants ranking the first three places of the Men’s Group and the Women’s Group of Half Marathon;

(Ⅵ) The participants who complete the competition within the cut-off time can receive completion articles and medals on the strength of their personal effective number cloths and wristbands.

(Ⅶ) The participants who complete the competition within the cut-off time can, 24 hours after the end of the competition, log onto the official website of the competition to inquire about their scores.

(Ⅷ) The scores will be publicized on the official website of the competition within 5 workdays after the end of the competition. If the relevant participant raises any objection to his/her competition score within the period of publicity, he/she can contact the Organization Committee of the competition and provide authentic and effective evidences.

(Ⅸ) After the expiry of the period of publicity, participants can unload from the official website and print their certificates. The certificates include the section point score, gun shot score and net timing score, etc. If the score of any induction timing point is absent, the ranking will rejected.

ⅩⅢ. Punitive measures

Video recording are monitoring on the starting point, entire race course and destinations.

1) Once a participant takes another’s place by counterfeiting to win race rank or bonus, races with two or more than two timing chips (two sensors’ achievement at timing point deviate between 0.1 second) including one participant carrying timing chips of the other gender, forges bib numbers, races in relay, he or she will be punished by the organizing committee and CAA.

a) The following penalties are given by the organizing committee.

i. The violator is canceled the achievement and rank got in 2018 Yiwu International Marathon.

ii. All violators are disqualified in Yiwu International Marathon in whole life.

iii. The disposal result is announced on the official website of Yiwu International Marathon.

b) The following penalties are given by the organizing committee.

i. The name list will be published. All violators are forbidden to join all CAA certified events in two years.

ii. Within the penalty period and after the expiry of the penalty, if violators violate again, they are forbidden to join all CAA certified events in whole life.

2) If one of the following conditions occurs during the race, the participant will be punished disqualification , suspension, suspension in 1-2 years or life ban from 2018 Yiwu International Marathon depending on the severity of the plot. The severe one will be submitted to CAA to put additional penalties.

a) Misrepresentation on age when registration

b) Concealing disease

c) Not wearing bib numbers and wristband as required

d) Not following the start order and start at non-designated area

e) Starting before the defined time at starting point

f) Coaches or broker go on the course by any vehicle.

g) Not racing along the course, shortcut or joining halfway

h) Violations such as crowding, pushing, bumping, stumbling and etc.

i) Crossing the finish line repeatedly not following the regulation to get finisher medal

j) Not completing the whole distance but crossing the finish line to get finisher medal

k) Not submitting the command of staff members

l) Abusing, fighting or initiating anything

m) Other behaviors against the rules

If participants won the qualification through false information or transfer the qualification to the one who takes another’s place, both of them are against the rules. All consequences are at their own risk. 

ⅩⅣ. Insurance

This competition provides insurance for all participants and functionaries. The insurance policies are based on the application information. Any wrong application information will result in the failure of insurance, and the relevant applicants shall bear the consequence. 

ⅩⅤ. Technical officers and umpires

Assigned by Chinese Athletic Association

ⅩⅥThe Organization Committee of Yiwu International Half Marathon

(Ⅰ) Contact Tel: 400-99-42195 Extension Number: 1

    (Working time: 9:30-12:00 and 13:00-18:00 from Monday to Friday)

(II) Email:

(III) Official website:

 The right of interpretation to the regulations belongs to The Organization Committee of Yiwu International Half Marathon. For any unaccomplished matter, a notice will be made separately.  


The Organization Committee of Yiwu International Half Marathon

 August 8st, 2018


客服电话:40099 42195 转 1(工作日9:00~17:00)
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