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I register to The North Face 100® 2018 Ultra Trail Challenge Changbaishan (“the Race”). I understand the risk of join the race and the dangerous of race itself, including but not limited to: causing death \ disability \ injure \ loss property \ property damage \ can’t receive medical rescue in time or the risk of harm caused by carelessness of other persons. I would like to undertake unexpected risk responsibilities during the race, and agree that the organization committee of the race does not undertake any types of compensation and responsibilities of damage\death or any other loss causing by reasons not relative to the committee. I’m health and have abilities to participate this race. If I ill or injure before or during the race, I will quit the race initiatively. I knew I need to learn and realize about the harm of dehydration and lack of Na in the blood, and will avoid these situation by preventive measures.

If I injure during the race, I agree to accept the medical rescue and urgent evacuation provided by the organization committee during the race, and undertake the medical expenses which exceed the race insurance’s pay limit.

Meanwhile to undertake all risks, I also like to exempt the any responsibilities of organization committee and other co-organizers, and my all rights to ask compensation for death \ body damage or property loss, including but not limited to: medical expenses \ salary loss \ spirit damage \ economics losses \ emotion bothering \ lawyer fee \ legal cost, those results may happen during the race or after the race.  Although the situations in the disclaimer maybe not happen because of my own mistake, or dangerous or loss of property or private goods cause by other person or organizations, but still exempt their non-mistake responsibilities. The Organization Committee will not disclaim any responsibilities maybe not be disclaimed by legal. 

I agree to allow the Organization Committee and its’ theorized party to use any media types of my name \ photos \ images \ voice or portrait etc., and give up any rights concerned privacy and / or news or compensation related to the race. I agree under the situation of the Organization Committee and the third party applier on use my information to legal business purpose related to the race, can provide my name and email information to the third party applies like the coach of The North Face Running Club, the photographer of the race, the insurance company of the race.

I understand that the race will delay or cancel caused by the climate, urgent situation or other types of public security issues. I understand the Organization Committee will not return the registration fee since the delay or cancel of the race.

I know one or many terms in this disclaimer may be judged as invalid, illegal or force majeure by any reasons in any aspects, in this situation, these terms will not affect other contents have full legal effect in this disclaimer.

        I have read this disclaimer carefully, and fully understand its contents. I sign this disclaimer according to my own will, I understand and agree to all contents of this disclaimer, it has same control to my heir, assignee and legal representative. I agree, the Organization Committee can allow me to participate the race subject to this disclaimer. If I am not agree to the terms of this disclaimer, I know my registration will not be accepted, and I can’t join the race.


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