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赛事路线图 Race Course


赛事路线图 #Google Map

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高度图 Elevation Chart


检查站资料 Checkpoint Info

赛事守则 Rules & Regulations


All participants must be aged 18 or above by 16 March 2019.


Participants should pay the registration fee of HK$1,150 (Charity seat/Early-bird)/HK$1,260 (Normal price) for solo or HK$2,100 (Charity seat/Early-bird)/HK$2,310 (Normal price) for team of 2 or HK$3,800 (Charity seat/Early-bird)/HK$4,180 (Normal price)  for team of 4 during the registration process and submit personal information in order to complete the registration process.


All participants will be required to read through a disclaimer at the online registration system to agree not to hold Organiser or any sponsor / supporting organisation responsible for circumstances of, but not limited to, death, injury or damage to or loss of personal properties. Please refer to the full version of the disclaimer/indemnity at this website under "Registration".


There are 10 checkpoints along the race course. All participants must pass through the timing mat/device at each checkpoint.  The timing mats/devices will record your checkpoint times which qualify your finishing time. Participants with all the checkpoints' times and completed the 100km race course on the designated route within 32 hours will be eligible for prizes or finisher's gifts. Participants found to have taken short cuts will be disqualified.


Support team is allowed for this race. But please take notice that some of the checkpoints and route cannot be easily accessed. During the support, please ensure you and your support team would not disturb other racers and the public. Otherwise the organizer got the right to stop the support. 


Participants should complete the 100km race course only on foot. Teammates at the same team could support/push/pull each other but could not be carried on the back.


All participants must arrive at a checkpoint at or before its closing time in order to be allowed to proceed. Please refer to "Checkpoint Info" at this website for the closing times of all the checkpoints. If any participants arrive any checkpoint at the exact closing time, the participants should stay for 15 minutes only, otherwise the Organiser reserves the right to suspend the registration process of any participant whose condition is deemed unfit to continue.


Teams’ finishing times will be recorded based on when the last member of their team passes the timing mat/device at the Finish Point. This apply to team of 2 and team of 4.


If there are fewer than 3 individuals or teams in any race category, the Organizer reserves the right to cancel the race category and awards assigned to the race category.


Refreshments at the checkpoints are only available for participants who have registered at the event. Please remind your support team.


Participants should fasten your race bibs visibly at the front.


If you decide to withdraw at any time during the event, you must inform the volunteers at checkpoints or call the organiser's phone number printed on your race bib. Otherwise you will be considered as missing.


If you need medical assistance, please inform the medical personnel at checkpoints or call the emergency phone number printed on your race bib.


Organiser has its own public liability insurance. This does not include personal accident insurance. We recommend all participants to have your own personal accident insurance and other relevant insurance according to your needs.


The organizer reserves the right to amend the disclaimer/indemnity, rules & regulations, change the race course and make other arrangements as deemed appropriate without prior notice.

大会保留因恶劣天气、山泥倾泻、泥石流、山火、示威、阻塞赛道、不可抗力,即发生超出主办单位所能控制的事件的情况下,更改赛道或取消赛事之权利。大会将不会退还报名费用、捐款及购买纪念品的费用。请留意活动网页及 www.facebook.com/RebelWalkerHK的即时公布。

The Organizer reserves the right to amend the race course or cancel the event in case of route obstruction due to adverse weather conditions, landslide, mud-flow, rockfalls, hill fires, protests, blockage, force majeure that are beyond the control of the organiser.  All registration fees, charitable donations and merchandised purchase are non-refundable. Please stay tuned with the updates on this event website and www.facebook.com/RebelWalkerHK

指定装备 Mandatory Gear


Each racer must carry below mandatory gears at all times during the race. For the sake of safety to all the racers,  random gear checks will be performed during the event. Any racer without the mandatory gears will not be able to proceed until they arrange for the missing item to be replaced. 

头灯/电筒(*附后备电芯; 不可以手提电话取代)

Headlamp/Torch (*With spare batteries; Mobile phone would not be counted)

可运作并有电量的手提电话 (*手提电话号码必须与报名时所提供的一致,假如有所更改,请以电邮通知大会)

Mobile phone in working order with charged battery (*The phone number must be the same as the one you provided for the registration. If not, please update the organizer by email)

赛事号码布 (*大会于领取赛手包时派发。作赛时赛事号码布必须挂在前方正面的明显位置)

Bib (*PROVIDED BY THE ORGANISER IN YOUR RACE PACK and must be visible at the front during the race.)


350ml water 

容器 (*包括杯或碗,以享用各冷热饮料/汤,各检查站/水站均不会提供任何容器)

Utensils (including cup or bowl for cold or hot drink/soup. There will be no cups provided at the checkpoints/water point)


Respect & be polite to crew, volunteers and other racers

赛事日流程 Race Day Rundown

6:00am/ 6:30am

以下地点将提供穿梭巴士服务 Shuttle bus services from below locations to the start point  : 

1. 太子 (上车点:通菜街 / 界限街交界(Shell油站附近); 开出时间 > 6:00am ; 行车时间大概45分钟; 费用:HK$30)

1. Prince Edward (Pick-up pt: Tung Choi Street & Boundary Street (Near Shell Petrol Station)); Depart at > 6:00am ;~45mins to arrive; Fee: HK$30)

2. 中环 (上车点:中环香港大会堂巴士站(爱丁堡广场侧); 开出时间 > 6:00am ; 行车时间大概45分钟; 费用: HK$35 )

2. Central (Pick-up pt: Hong Kong City Hall, Central Bus Terminus (near Edinburgh Place); Depart at > 6:00am; ~45mins to arrive;Fee: HK$35)

3. 上水 (上车点:上水港铁站B2出口(新运路城巴站避车处);开出时间> 6:30am ; 行车时间大概30分钟; 费用: HK$25)

3. Sheung Shui(Pick-up pt: Exit B2 of Sheung Shui MTR Station (CTB’s bus stop at San Wan Road);Depart at > 6:30am ; ~30mins to arrive;Fee: HK$25)

6:30am - 7:45am

行李寄存 Baggage Storage


赛前最后讲解 Race Final Briefing


赛事第一个起步时间 Race 1st Start

(*起步区会划分为不同目标完成时间的区域,参赛者请诚实地选择区域,以增加赛事的流畅度,多谢合作。The start area will be divided into different zones with specific target finish time. Racers should choose a zone by honesty in order to facilitate the smoothness of the race)


赛事第二个起步时间 Race 2nd Start

(*起步区会划分为不同目标完成时间的区域,参赛者请诚实地选择区域,以增加赛事的流畅度,多谢合作。The start area will be divided into different zones with specific target finish time. Racers should choose a zone by honesty in order to facilitate the smoothness of the race)


赛事第三个起步时间 Race 3rd Start

(*起步区会划分为不同目标完成时间的区域,参赛者请诚实地选择区域,以增加赛事的流畅度,多谢合作。The start area will be divided into different zones with specific target finish time. Racers should choose a zone by honesty in order to facilitate the smoothness of the race)

6:00pm - 8:00pm

预计最快参赛者到达终点 Arrival of the fastest racer(s)

颁奖典礼 Prize Presentation

行李寄存 Drop Bag


往终点:每位参手可免费寄存一件行李 (*设特别版行李牌) 

To Finish: Each racer can leave one bag (*With our special design luggage tag)


往检查站6 基维尔营地(已到达52.3km):每位参手可加HK$80寄存一件行李 (*设特别版行李牌) 

To CP6 Gilwell Campsite (At 52.3km): Each racer can add HK$80 to leave one bag (*With our special design luggage tag)

于起点,行李寄存时间:6:30am - 7:45am. 起点将设有两个行李寄存区,分别收集检查站6 基维尔营地及终点的行李,赛手应将其行李放置在正确的寄存区。

At the start point, drop bag time : 6:30am – 7:45am. There will be 2 separate drop bag areas at the start point.  Racers should leave your drop bag(s) under the appropriate drop bag area for Checkpoint 6 Gilwell Campsite and the finish.

每位赛手可免费寄存一件行李往终点站,另外,于报名时加HK$80寄存一件行李往检查站6 基维尔营地。参赛者请于行李上挂上大会派发的行李牌。为嚮应环保,大会不会提供胶袋。

Racers can leave one bag for the finish.  Also, racers can add HK$80 at the registration for leaving one bag at CP6 Gilwell Campsite. Please ensure that the bags are tagged with the correct baggage tags provided. In order to protect our environment, Organiser will not provide a plastic bag.


For the sake of environmental protection, the organizer used baggage tag to replace baggage bag. Please be reminded that there is a baggage size limitation. The maximum volume is no more than 40inch (Length+Width+Depth). The organizer reserves the right to charge HK$100 for extra service fee if the bag is oversized. Also, please be noted that we only accept 1 piece of baggage of each participant, if more than 1 piece, the organizer also reserves the right to charge HK$200/pc of the extra baggage.

检查站6 基维尔营地及终点站将设有行李寄存区,寄存的行李将按参赛者编号排放,以便参赛者迅速取用。大会也会安排义工协助参赛者取回行李。

At the Checkpoint 6 Gilwell Campsite and the finish, there will be an area marked for collecting drop bags.  The drop bags will be placed in a numerical order for participants to locate easily their own bags at the drop bag area. Volunteers will help you retrieve your bags too.

于检查站6 基维尔营地,请亲手交回取用后的行李给负责行李的义工,取用后的行李将会被分批运送到终点以确保早过赛手到达。

At Checkpoint 6 Gilwell Campsite, please give back the bag to the designated volunteer after the usage. The bags will be transported to the finish batch by batch in order to ensure the arrival time of the bags to be earlier than the racers.

如赛手中途退出赛事,未能取回检查站6 基维尔营地或终点的行李,,建议赛手先联络大会了解情况,大会联络电话将印于参赛号码布上。

If Racers drop out of the race, the drop bags at the Checkpoint 6 Gilwell Campsite or the Finish have not been collected. Please contact the Organizers first. The contact number will be printed on the race bibs.


Racers must collect their drop bags at the finish either by showing the race bibs, either by the racers or any representative .  Any bags not collected at this time may be disposed of.


Please do not leave any valuables in your Drop Bag. The Organizers are not responsible for any loss or damage to any item in your Drop Bag.

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